Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scatterdays # Q

Todays letter is Q and the categories are a

Plant,  Night time, Something Healthy, Something Quilty = Something quick.

A Plant Well my Dad always called this cactus Queen Of The Night . It has the most beautiful flower with a really strong scent, It is such a pity it only lasts one night .IMG_0241


Night Time  Quiet !


Don’t you just love the QUIET when the little Grandies fall asleep I took this a couple of years ago…It was night but they sleep with a light on …

Something Healthy Quinoa

I have had salads or side dishes made from this


Hmmm will have to try cooking it myself…My daughter had it in her pantry.

Something Quilty So something Quick ,  Easy what about a Quick unpick or three….very handy to have around for all that frog stitching rip it rip it…..IMG_0006

Can never have to many quick unpicks !!!…. ok see you all again next time . I am trying to get back into regular blogging so stay tuned for what I am up toand thanks for all the comments I do read them and its nice to no someone is reading my blog.   Pam .


Wendy said...

I have the same plant/flower as you and my mom and gran always called it a Night Blooming Orchid!:) Funny how the same plant can have many different names depending on where you are. I love to smell the blooms when they are full. I have picked them and put them in a punch bowl in my fridge to keep them for a few days. The coolness of the fridge will keep them pretty a day or two. And every time you open the fridge the beautiful smell fills your kitchen.

aubirdwoman said...

Hope the knee is healing.
Excellent choices, I think the guy on the corner has one of those flowers, never knew the name. Sadly no grandkids, never heard of your healthy food must look.
Quckunpick lol I tried not to do that one.

Vireya said...

Love those sleeping granddies!

I was thinking of using a different plant which is also called Queen of the Night, but ended up with the quince that seems quite popular. Your cactus flower is beautiful.

jacaranda said...

Love the granddies sleeping. I haven't seen that plant before.

cinzia said...

I agree cacti in flower are magnificent but like you say such a shame they only last one night.

Heather said...

I had no idea that a cacti could have such a gorgeous flower. Thank-you for sharing this beauty.

Sue said...

Beautiful cactus, pity they only last a night.

Joy V said...

Great Q's. My neighbour has one of those plants, and I think she has referred to it as the Queen of the Night. I know she rings me to say when it is in flower.
Hope you knee is improving.

Ros said...

Must say my favourite was Queen of the night cactus. S very pretty

FlourishingPalms said...

Cute picture of those girls sleeping. With the lights on, no less! Can't imagine being able to do that myself. Very nice job with your pictures.

Ozjane said...

I was so intending to use an unpicker...but I think Mogs hid them.....LOL.
Love those cacti....I have some but had not heard that name. I too grieve the short bloom.
I have some adopted grandies and had them stay one was quiet at night...but became unquiet rather earlier than I would have chosen.....except I had to leave early anyway....LOL.
Great set of Q's

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