Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Bags !

Here are some more bags the other girls at the retreat made.

IMG_3098 These are the Big Zippered Carry Bags .


IMG_3102 Lots  of Charm Square Totes.

IMG_3068 Hope they are not all travelling together.!

Update on my Sewing and Quilting

Well another reason for non blogging was I organised a retreat, which has now been and gone.! but it was very productive for all who went. We made bags and more bags and several lovely jelly roll quilt tops were finished.IMG_3015 This is a lovely big bag made from charm squares, we also used a stiffer wadding, which gives the bag good stability. I now have this for sale.! the wadding that is.!

IMG_3093 This is My jelly roll quilt I used Moda Natures Chorus and added borders. I will quilt this in a week or so when My visitors go home.!

My visit to New Zealand....

I'm Back.!!!!!!!!!

Well has it really been nearly 2 months since I did a blog post, Oh dear where has time go .?? Well I wentIMG_2878  to New Zealand  so here are a couple of photos of a lovely autumn spent there.IMG_2872 Beautiful Colours of the Leaves on the trees


IMG_2778 Mandarin's on  My Mum's tree

IMG_2781 Dahlia's in the Garden

IMG_2866Lemon and Paeroa, a yummy Lemon flavoured soft drink

Mum lives in Paeroa in the North Island the home of L & P as we called it when kid's.

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Little Fishes
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