Friday, February 19, 2010

It’s Friday Again

Well I missed the last couple of fridays, I haven’t been doing a lot of stitching, but just today have started to sew. I bought the new Farmers Wife CD used with E Q 6 so have loaded it and managed to print some block are 2 I did todayIMG_0316 IMG_0317

I love the 1930’s fabrics in these blocks.

IvĂ© also started doing some 1”hexagons

IMG_0294 - Copy (2)

I’m just going to use any shade of pink and see what grows from it. Its good to have something I can take with me when travelling etc.

IMG_0318 - Copy

These are a few pink fat 1/4s to cut hexagons from only $2.50 each too. Who could resist.

I also bought a few fabrics this week some of which included these.

IMG_0320 - Copy - Copy (2)

I loved this Bright cot quilt panel and will just put this multi coloured bright border on.

So watch this space next week and we may have a completed quilt !

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