Friday, October 14, 2011

Dyed Fabric Project

Since I was last here My dyed fabric has been cut into strips and sewn back into little blocks.IMG_1166

Strips of fabric color sorting….


sewn into blocks . It is really an exercise to use one piece of dyed fabric Which our Tuesday group, well 3 of us decided to do after watching a DVD by Linda and Laura Kemshall. Ive put my blocks together now so will show you again when its quilted. !

Last week I went on a Bus trip with my Thursday group the Sew Crazy Quilters, we went all the way to Warwick about a 2 and a half hour drive, Through a storm and it was looking to be not so pleasant . The closer we got to Warwick the better the weather became . This is Glenrose Patchwork where they had the annual airing of the quilts. A lovely Patchwork Shop and little cabins where they do Patchwork Retreats We all had a great day.I will take some pics of my purchases next time !IMG_1175


The other day I went to collect the eggs and found this little wee egg rather surprising as I have seven hens and the day before had 7 eggs  all normal size except for one and that one  weighed 95 grams.     Its so cute. 

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Little Fishes
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