Monday, September 15, 2014

About time Too! I got back to blogging that is!

Adjusting to retired life is a learning curve and We are away a lot more now. I’m still sewing and quilting and decided I needed an on the road project so have started an Insanity Quilt using over 10,000 1/2 inch hexagons , and I’m really enjoying doing it. I have also been quilting on my sweet sixteen.

I’ve also just Joined Sarah Fielkes swap for little quilts . I’ve ordered my book and cant wait to see what I will make. Love swaps they are great fun!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

well Its been a while !

Its amazing how things change, Having a husband around 24/7 changes how you structure your day.  Himself retired  over a year ago now, and a move to our new home  has all taken place .  I have a beautiful sewing room ,   I miss my quilting friends and have found it hard to integrate into groups up here.  We have a busy life though and its great having Hayley’s little ones nearby. 


Chris and Dylan


Talula Flying a kite !

Ok I need to revamp this blog and start writing more often   but  I am off to New Zealand in 2 days  for 3 weeks  and am not sure how much I can do from my ipad. !    We shall see .

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Photos from Alaska

Well I will try again to add some photos of our cruise to Alaska.IMG_2013

Everyone on Deck as we leave Vancouver .


Looking back at Vancouver.



Icy Point Straight


Our Ship Celebrity Century

IMG_2072Bald EagleIMG_2080

A Carved Bear Never did get to see a live bear….


Smaller Glacier  Juneau


Mt Roberts Cable Car, amazing view from the top our only day where we had rain.


Looking down…..  and thats just the first 3 days .

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm Back

Well where have I been , a busy time through most of July saw us head off on a trip to Alaska and Canada, something we had to wait for till my husband retired , well that happened last November, and with retirement came a big move to Moore Park Beach . Our cruise to Alaska was amazing, we had the best weather and the scenery was just Breathtaking. Our Ship was the Celebrity Century  and we were well looked after. I've just discovered  I can't upload photos so will have another play tomorrow when on the computer..........

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lost 1 Blogger.......

I just realised I haven,t blogged for a couple of months. Who said you had more time when you are retired. Have had a couple of Hicups, was in hospital for a while and have to go back this week for more tests......  Have had a couple of trips away , one last week to the quilt show in Sydney, that was nice so many amazing quilts and lots of goodies to buy. Iv'e been quilting a little and sewing little skirts for my Grandaughter  oh and these cute hats
Talula's Hat 
 shame it was too small but I made another one !.  I' m just trying to figure out blogger, lots of changes since I was last here.  

Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm on holiday In New Zealand . Last Friday on a trip across to Tauranga to see ..Relatives, I stopped at Cushla's Village Fabrics at Waihi, and heard they were having a weekend class with Sarah Fielke from Australia, I was lucky enough to be able to do the class as they had a last minute cancellation. I did the appliqué as of course I never had a machine . It was a great weekend and I also learn,t from what the others were doing Sarah's new book is beautifully done and there are some fabulous quilts to make in it. The one I have started is called I Love All the Colours. I will only make it in a large cot size. The following photos are from the Shop and the class.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Scatterdays S

S_ Empty

S_ Stash


S_ Female

I have missed the last two Scatterdays due to being away , so here I am again.


Studio Storage shelves very empty….. but not for long. !


Stash. ! My Favourite stash Of Kaffe Fasset  fabric Love the colours !



Yes Please I’ll have the strawberry thanks ! Talula loves Ice cream !

Christmas2010 042

Female S well this was a hard one so I have settled for My Eldest daughter  Selena !!!

Thanks for looking …..

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A little Progress

This week I have done a little stitching on some Green Tea Sweet Beans blocks. I have loved this quilt since I saw my friend Karen doing it .

These are some blocks just completed it will be a pretty quilt. I love it.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scatterdays The letter T

Today is the letter T
Categories are Tasty, Tiny, Terrifying and Threads ...

Tasty = Taco's yum a favourite Mexican style dinner
Tiny well this one was easy for me this is tiny the turtle one of four that we have I put him next to a 50c piece so you can see how tiny he is but he has grown already
Terrifying would be being chased by a Tiger ! I just love Tigers and have spent hours watching them at Dreamworld.
Threads now that's easy I have rather a large collection of all types of thread .

Thanks for looking at my scatter days for the letter T

Friday, February 15, 2013

Rearrangement of my Studio

I am lucky enough to have a big room just for quilting but I still seem to have to much to fit in , so I decided to move things around a little ? I need access to a design wall so have moved my quilt frame across the windows. I have my main machine and an over locker and another machine and cutting table in the middle .
These pics are of some of my room

Mojo Come Back

Well I seem to have lost my Mojo a little .hopefully now I have found Bundaberg Quilters it may come back. I am used to going out Twice or 3 times a week to different sewing groups . I went to Bundaberg Quilters last week and joined so am starting to do some regular stitching again. After the devastation of the floods it makes you realise how lucky we are not to have lost anything like so many others have. As a group we are now making quilts for family's who have lost everything in the floods . I have been using some of my many scraps to make quilt as you go blocks for quilts

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scatterdays # Q

Todays letter is Q and the categories are a

Plant,  Night time, Something Healthy, Something Quilty = Something quick.

A Plant Well my Dad always called this cactus Queen Of The Night . It has the most beautiful flower with a really strong scent, It is such a pity it only lasts one night .IMG_0241


Night Time  Quiet !


Don’t you just love the QUIET when the little Grandies fall asleep I took this a couple of years ago…It was night but they sleep with a light on …

Something Healthy Quinoa

I have had salads or side dishes made from this


Hmmm will have to try cooking it myself…My daughter had it in her pantry.

Something Quilty So something Quick ,  Easy what about a Quick unpick or three….very handy to have around for all that frog stitching rip it rip it…..IMG_0006

Can never have to many quick unpicks !!!…. ok see you all again next time . I am trying to get back into regular blogging so stay tuned for what I am up toand thanks for all the comments I do read them and its nice to no someone is reading my blog.   Pam .

Friday, February 1, 2013


Late last year for Christmas I was in a secret swap, My Partner was Terri from the US This is the gift she made for me So sorry its taken a while to get it up on my blog . IMG_0368

A cute hand made journal, some silk thread which I love for applique, and a table runner or banner in cute Christmas fabrics.


The Journal

IMG_0370lots of little tagsIMG_0382

Do you know what this fruit is. ? the colour is so gorgeous bright red . Its a dragon fruit we bought them fresh from the markets. Not as much flavour as I thought it would have lots of little black seeds.


This is what they look like before you cut them.


My sewing from this week hand stitched appliqued clam shells another block done for Green tea and sweet beans .

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wet Wet Wet

Well you know how it is complaing about the heat, having to water the garden etc etc not any more .we have had over 290ml of rain since Wed night and its still pouring down so this is probably the wettest we have seen our Block . House is good and not likely to get water inside . As I am blogging from my phone I'm not sure what order the photos will be in .So there are various photos

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