Sunday, December 20, 2009

Late Flaunt……

Well better late than never, This new computer is still misbehaving sometimes it will not let me down load anything. This is a Christmas stocking I did rather quickly last week for our Sew Crazy Quilters group. We were all given   a pattern and had to make a Christmas stocking. It was lovely to see the variety of all  the stockings, we were then given a lucky number to match one on a stocking, and took that one home.


This is  the one I made.


These are some of the others.

I also made a really nice vintage style apron, but I forgot to take a photo before I gave it away, I  will put up a pic when I get one from Leanne,  who I gave it to from My Sewing Sisters group,

Well I only have one more day till we leave for Port Hedland, and wouldn’t you know it  there is a cyclone right off the coast of W A and heading for Port Hedland ! Hopefully it will cross the coast some time tomorrow, We actually fly into Karratha which is a 2 hr drive from Port Hedland so unless there is flooding we should get through ok, after looking forward to seeing Miss Talula and Dylan Villian for so long It will be disapointing if we can’t go and miss having Christmas with them, they are in the process of battening down so I hope everything will be ok.! The suitcase is full of presents not sure where the clothes are going to go.!

Monday, December 14, 2009

It’s nearly Christmas !

Busy Busy Busy, I am not sure If I like this time of year or not, The house isn’t being decorated for much this year as no little ones here to see it. I have put up a couple of little trees. Only 9 more sleeps till I see the Little ones in Port Hedland W  A .

The Challenge quilts have been revealed so here are a couple of photos of mine. Every quilt of the 10 are so different and as we all had to use the same swatch to take our colours from, even the colour ways look different with backgrounds etc


My Challenge Quilt


The centre of my quilt, This square is 31 inches and then I put the 10 exchanged blocks around it and made 2 more and added the border, I machine quilted it on the table not on the frame. A lot of work but well worth it.!


Another Charm Square Tote Moda Hunky Dory


The one on the left is  Moda Rural Jardin Very Nice colours . This bag is just a nice size and very useful .

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