Monday, November 19, 2012

It’s not a race but I think I am winning !

For the last few months I have been sorting and packing , I am so over it .

My dear husband has now decided to retire, and he finishes this Friday, In his wisdom he decided we could move ourselves, so many trips towing the trailer full of both of our really good stuff…   and we are nearly there.  Our new house is finished and waiting and half moved into, meanwhile we have been repainting this house to get it on the market.  So not much stitching going on here . The cat is making sure he can come too. I think he could have found a bigger box .IMG_0307_1

I found this magazine a few weeks ago and just loved the cover. It is called Frankie and had some interesting articles. The cover is sort of embellished like a rubbing I suppose.  Very Tactile .IMG_0305

It looks like it was taken from beautiful hand stitching .

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Little Fishes

Little Fishes
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