Monday, February 16, 2009

The Baptisim

Well some of it anyway.! Photo's of the children after the baptism. We had  the Baptism and then had a lunch back at  our house, It was a great day.IMG_2225 Talula outside the church.

Baptism Dylan and TalulaHappy Snap'sTalula and Dylan Feb 20091 Cute as can be  !! Do you like the ribbon granma put in my hair.!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bush Fire Quilts.!

After hearing of the terrible fires down south several Lists I am on have started groups making quilts to be given to the family's that have lost everything. I am acting as a drop off point to collect quilts and blocks to be sent to Victoria. A couple of sewing groups I am in have decided to make blocks or quilts. I started the other day by taking wadding squares and fabrics to Sewing group and several ladies there are doing blocks to.IMG_2374 Quilt as you go blocks

IMG_2373 Lots of blocks

IMG_2375 Reverse of quilt as you go blocks

These blocks have been trimmed to 11 inches and once joined together will make nice bright quilts .easy to do and fast.

I have also offered to do simple quilting of tops on my frame, so if you have any tops you would like to donate or would like to make blocks, please  email me at  and I can send you postal details. You can also send blocks direct to  Janmac

This is Jan's blog for the quilts htpp:// 

I will be sewing blocks all day tomorrow !!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have visitors !!!

Look who has come to stay, a little princess.


Talula after her Baptisim on Sunday 8.5 months old now  full of smiles and always happy.!!IMG_2330Dylan  with his new Mug IMG_2289 Dylan with Kyle, number 1 grandson.

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