Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This That and the Other.!

The last week or so has gone so fast I've also had a few days on my own as Himself has had to travel to Sydney and Tasmania on business . That means I stay up late  and get stuff done.  The other night I went out to put the bin out and found this.


I think It’s sometimes called The Queen of the Night.


They have an unusual perfume and only last for 1 night. There was a huge plant of these on the boundary, but the idiots that lived next door had a fire right next to it and killed it, luckily I had taken a cutting from it so still have it in my garden.

I've signed up for The Sue Spargo Block of the Month and got my first block last week. I have the main part stitched down.IMG_0255

I also went in Quilting Bloggers Mug Rug Swap, These are some I made. There so cute and useful.


And These I love fabric with Cherries On. Love eating cherries too. !


I have some lovely fabric with coffee cups and pots etc to make some more, Too late for the swap though.

Today I quilted to quilts , I love the bright colours in this one .


This one is Cherish Nature , I have already made one in this and  this Is The one my friend made.


I am also working on a couple of Challenge quilts just small ones and will have photo’s of those soon.

There is probably other things too but that's all till next time .

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Great idea !

A couple of Weeks ago somebody on Squilters suggested using a Mug Tree for a scissor holder, I looked in a few Op shops ….Nothing Then while in Spot light I found a chrome one for $ 10.00, well I have to say what a great idea, As I have come across yet another pair of scissors I have hung them on the tree, Now all within easy reach.!IMG_0227

The Scissor Tree. !!

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