Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Jane !!!

These are fabrics for my Dear Jane Quilt that I have started a week or so ago. I've joined a Jane group, so will go along once a month, and will get help and advice have nice company. here also is my first block, Only 224 to go ......

My Cat Kimba

This is Kimba If There are quilts anywhere He will find them!
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shirred Dresses

Well What I thought would be an easy project gave me some grief !! I decided to make some little shirred dresses for My wee grand daughter Talula, My machine just wouldn't play ball, I could not get the tensuin right while doing the shirring , I finally changed to a smaller machine my faithful little Jem 760 and it did it no trouble at all. !! I will make several of these as where she lives it is already 35 ---- to 40 most days

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Project

My friends the Sewing Sisters, we call ourselves started a Mystery Medallion, Iresisted for a while but it has got the better of me.!! So here is my centre medallion, another compass. Paper pieced of course, now I have to turn it on point and add some logcabin, then some Dresden plates and thena diamond border, My head is spinning... I'm way behind but hey it's not a race !!

Cute Little Zippered Bag

At my sewing group we had a lesson in how to make a pattern and make our own zippered bag, These are great for keeping your thread snips and rotary cutter and other sewing bits and pieces together. AND the zipper is sewn in by hand, well I thought mine would fall to bits very quickly, hand sewing has always been a bit of a dirty word!! but look heres mine and its really neat !!

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Little Fishes
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