Monday, September 15, 2014

About time Too! I got back to blogging that is!

Adjusting to retired life is a learning curve and We are away a lot more now. I’m still sewing and quilting and decided I needed an on the road project so have started an Insanity Quilt using over 10,000 1/2 inch hexagons , and I’m really enjoying doing it. I have also been quilting on my sweet sixteen.

I’ve also just Joined Sarah Fielkes swap for little quilts . I’ve ordered my book and cant wait to see what I will make. Love swaps they are great fun!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

well Its been a while !

Its amazing how things change, Having a husband around 24/7 changes how you structure your day.  Himself retired  over a year ago now, and a move to our new home  has all taken place .  I have a beautiful sewing room ,   I miss my quilting friends and have found it hard to integrate into groups up here.  We have a busy life though and its great having Hayley’s little ones nearby. 


Chris and Dylan


Talula Flying a kite !

Ok I need to revamp this blog and start writing more often   but  I am off to New Zealand in 2 days  for 3 weeks  and am not sure how much I can do from my ipad. !    We shall see .

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Little Fishes

Little Fishes
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