Friday, July 18, 2008

Mariners Compass

This is the Mariners Compass, This is Jen's done in Reproduction type fabrics It really is pretty, I am still not sure what I will do mine in maybe 1930's ? what do you think, The other girls are also different.!! I have to start soon.

Sewing Sisters

I was invited to join another group, some friends and some internet based, I went for my first group sewing day last Tuesday, Most of the group are doing a Mariners Compass quilt by Chris Jurd, It was in Down Under Quilts a while back Now will this be a challenge for me Who thought I hated foundation piecing.....Well The girls are also doing another foundation pieced block quilt called Endless chain so I have done some of those and am finding it ok, especially since Jen showed me her way, Thanks Jen.!! This is a project just to have to do when you don't have anything else to work on, yer right !!! as if says the queen of the UFO's

Another Stunning Stable bag

I've made another Stable Bag, and looks like I will be making a few more, I made this one for my daughter hayley, to use as a baby bag, and all her friends are impressed and some want me to make one for them as well, Oh yeah I will do them in my sparetime.!!

Things I like to Do

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Little Fishes

Little Fishes
First Postcard