Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Retreat Fun. !!!

Well aren't I the lucky one I was invited to attend a Retreat at Coolum with a bunch Of Fun Crazy ladies from Riverhead near Hervey Bay.!

I have started another quilt called Zu Zu's  Petals from Aunt Rosies Autumn Quilts book. I have actually used some of my HolyRoses Fabric's! A range called Barefoot Roses.By Tanya Whelan.Look at all these little 1/2 square trianglesIMG_2542 256 1/2 square triangles "IMG_2541 Now thats one way to wear them !


We found a couple of Patchwork shops , and a really nice studio that sells mostly Jelly Rolls and Cakes and charms. Well worth a visit. Have a look on line at

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm up to 23 !!

I have now done 23 blocks on my Jane Journey, I still like the  foundation paper pieced ones the best, although I sometimes have to twist and turn all those bits to get the block back in the right place.!IMG_2506 This one is D 8  Dee Dee's Delight all hand appliqued I am slowly learning how to get those points neater......

IMG_2514 K 11 Columbine  this one was foundation paper. Real colour is much  brighter. These are both from my lovely swap fabrics.IMG_2518 This one is A1 , a Nice green.! No I am not doing my blocks row by row, and I am not picking out all the easy ones either.

Next Post I will show you what I have been working on this week. I'ts nearly finished !!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Look what The Postman bought me !!

I  have had 2 nice parcels . A week or so ago I recieved a neat package from My Secret Pal, This is a swap on The Dear Jane list I am on. Every month for  a year our Pal sends us a package of goddies. I send one back to mine. I can't say where she is as she may read my blog.! This month I got these really nice D J FabricsIMG_2451

I told my Pal I didn't like Icky greens, so she sent me greens so I could see not all greens are Icky, I love them and have already made 2 blocks with them.!

IMG_2494 Today I recieved a package from Marianna B I sent Marianna a package of all the purples and pinks I started off my D J with, and now she has sent me back a wonderful package  of Pinks

IMG_2495 Reds and browns and a few purples

IMG_2498 Gorgeous Yellow's and orange to rusts....

IMG_2492 Some Cheater pieces, So cute, I will make a little bag with these.!


I love them all and can't wait to make  D J blocks with them .!! Thank you So much  Marianna.!!

Kyle's Quilt. !!

At last I have finished Kyle's quilt, I made this at least 2 yrs ago.!!

I put it on the Next Generation Frame and quilted it with an allover design and some quilting to look like flames...... I am pretty pleased with how it has turned out.IMG_2491

Kyle's Motorbike quilt

IMG_2489 A close up of the quilting. I bought this fabric while on holiday in hawaii over 3 yrs ago.!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Dear Jane.!! And Bush Fire Quilts !!

I have now done 21 Dear Jane Blocks, and am still enjoying it. As long as I do  1- 2 a week I am happy.

IMG_2454 IMG_2453 IMG_2459 IMG_2462 IMG_2458 Some of these were much harder than others, I think My applique is improving.

I've also been busy with making blocks for quilts for the Bushfire Appeal.

I showed the ladies in one of my groups how to do the quilt as you go blocks and they are starting to come back to me now.



IMG_2448 These are all the lovely quilt as you go Blocks . I'll post these off and then I'll have time to do the quilting on the top's.

IMG_2448 I will be posting off 2 big parcels tomorrow.

I have also had donations of fabrics for backings. Thanks Lisa (Megelles) and I have 1 quilt from Chris at Sew Crazy, and another from Gail McKenzie that I have to quilt and bind.

I also sewed up 20 blocks this afternoon from a bunch of I spy  blocks I have had in the cupboard for a while.

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