Sunday, December 20, 2009

Late Flaunt……

Well better late than never, This new computer is still misbehaving sometimes it will not let me down load anything. This is a Christmas stocking I did rather quickly last week for our Sew Crazy Quilters group. We were all given   a pattern and had to make a Christmas stocking. It was lovely to see the variety of all  the stockings, we were then given a lucky number to match one on a stocking, and took that one home.


This is  the one I made.


These are some of the others.

I also made a really nice vintage style apron, but I forgot to take a photo before I gave it away, I  will put up a pic when I get one from Leanne,  who I gave it to from My Sewing Sisters group,

Well I only have one more day till we leave for Port Hedland, and wouldn’t you know it  there is a cyclone right off the coast of W A and heading for Port Hedland ! Hopefully it will cross the coast some time tomorrow, We actually fly into Karratha which is a 2 hr drive from Port Hedland so unless there is flooding we should get through ok, after looking forward to seeing Miss Talula and Dylan Villian for so long It will be disapointing if we can’t go and miss having Christmas with them, they are in the process of battening down so I hope everything will be ok.! The suitcase is full of presents not sure where the clothes are going to go.!

Monday, December 14, 2009

It’s nearly Christmas !

Busy Busy Busy, I am not sure If I like this time of year or not, The house isn’t being decorated for much this year as no little ones here to see it. I have put up a couple of little trees. Only 9 more sleeps till I see the Little ones in Port Hedland W  A .

The Challenge quilts have been revealed so here are a couple of photos of mine. Every quilt of the 10 are so different and as we all had to use the same swatch to take our colours from, even the colour ways look different with backgrounds etc


My Challenge Quilt


The centre of my quilt, This square is 31 inches and then I put the 10 exchanged blocks around it and made 2 more and added the border, I machine quilted it on the table not on the frame. A lot of work but well worth it.!


Another Charm Square Tote Moda Hunky Dory


The one on the left is  Moda Rural Jardin Very Nice colours . This bag is just a nice size and very useful .

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Computer = lots of time to set it Up.!

Well after a 2 week holiday in Melbourne, a great time At the golf to See Tiger Woods with 19,999 others, and not sewing a single stitch.! I’m home to a new computer……Vista  which is a bit different. (waiting for my windows 7 upgrade to come.). It has taken me most of this week and $110.00 to a techie to get everything to work. I could not download, turned out tobe a huge conflict with Norton’s so that is gone…. new anti virus now installed.!

So I will show you a few photo’s of our trip,

We travelled down with the caravan via Goondiwindi,  Dubbo,Shepparton,Where I met Up with Jan Mac and passed on a huge Box of donations and stuff from my sewing room cleanout for her charity and bushfire quilts.


This is a storm we met just over Cunningham’s Gap and not quite to Warick. We stopped it was so dark, by stopping for 15 mins we managed to miss the worst of it lots of Hail on the sides of the road when we did get going again.


After we left the storm behind it looked like a lovely sunset coming up.? It was only 4.00pm. We think it was smoke blocking out the sun, which just became a bright orange ball  in the sky.IMG_3667

You can see from this how high the sun still was in the sky.Sunset  after the storm

I love this one, I stopped to take this one the previous were taken from the car window.harvest time

The wheat fields were endless the colour amazing.IMG_3687

Not sure if you can see the massive Hay bales or rolls.Car and Caravan

Our home on wheels.!

Cows in Shepparton IMG_3690 

Jelly Bean and strawberry cows in Shepparton.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Week Of Stitching....

Well a couple of days anyway, I spent Tuesday At a class organised by our Guild With Kerry from Tulis Textiles in New Zealand. She has the most beautiful Batik fabrics from Bali.

The class was using jelly rolls , and Drunkards Path Templates.IMG_3630 A Lovely pile of rainbow Jelly Roll strips.

IMG_3632 Strips sewn together

IMG_3634 Shapes cut and sewn from Drunkards Path TemplateIMG_3636 These were 8" blocks  the ones bottom left are 4" which 4 of then make up one block. The idea is to do these in all sorts of different combinations and play on the design wall till you get a layout you like. You then end up with circles running through the quilt.

IMG_3640 This excercise was to set in a circle the coloured one then it was cut and another circle cut from the piece and another background colour circle put back in I will then add  further circles to this.  It was a fun class.

I also did a bit more on the challenge quilt and am trying to prepare some hand sewing to take with  me next week when we head off to Melbourne for a couple of weeks. We are taking the van and  taking a few days to get down there and DH is off to see Tiger Woods Play, I will go for one day and then am meeting friends who are also going down to go quilt shop hopping on the Friday. Fun Fun Fun.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Flaunt for Friday

I haven't flaunted for the last 2 Friday's as what I have mostly been working on, Is a challenge quilt for my Sewing Sisters group so no pictures of that till after 8th Of Dec I still have a way to go.

Iv'e started a new quilt called the Farmers Wife and at this stage am doing block of the week with a yahoo group. so I have done 4 blocks. It is a sampler quilt and the blocks are 6.5 inch so a bit bigger than dear jane which I am still doing as well. IMG_3616 IMG_3618 IMG_3617 IMG_3586 These are the  four blocks I have done so far .

These are a couple of dear jane blocks I did

IMG_3610 And whats wrong with this picture

IMG_3614 Well Nothing really apart from the fact The fat cat Kimba is sitting in the box with my Dear jane Blocks. This cat weighs 6.5 Kg so its a tight fit. Naughty pussy cat.... cute tho.

Yesterday I went to Brisbane stitches and craft show , Lots of lovely eye candy and some amazing quilts in the Queensland Quilt show. I bought some things = Bali Jelly roll and fabric for a class we are doing with the Gold Coast Quilt Guild next Tuesday, also some new scissors, and a gorgeous pattern called Fancy Pants for Miss Talula.

This afternoon I made up the pants and will try and finish the Top that goes with them tomorrow, but I have to do house work this weekend YUK visitors  from New Zealand next week.!IMG_3619 How cute are these .! I made size 12 months , as I made a size one dress from the same company last year and it still dosn't fit her and she is 17 months..... but they look small. Oh well I may have to make some more.!  Fancy Pants is the name of the pattern.!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Friday Flaunt

This week I have finished a Stable Bag, this one is for a friend of my Daughters, Very Neutral colours but Has come out quite NiceIMG_3576IMG_3574 IMG_3575 Lots of Pockets and Heaps of room inside.

I also made some Glasses Cases out of My favourite Kaffe Fabrics



IMG_3559 Nice to keep your Sunnies and glasses from getting scratched in your Handbag

And then I was browsing some blogs as you do when I came across a pattern for a cute little pin cushion  so bought the pattern, It came yesterday so I have made one to try it out.!

IMG_3582 A little Apple, almost too cute to put pin's in !

The pattern came from  In W.A Nice easy to follow directions.!

I also did a swap block, No photo of that its gone in the post. And I'm still sewing a binding  on the Caravan quilt.!

And this is my new helper in the sewing room.

IMG_3545 This is Stitch.! he is now 7 weeks old, Iv'e had him for 2 weeks and he is still being spoon fed, so he is very tame, Not sure how I am supposed to get him to eat seed. He is picking at it but not much.!

What I have bought this week.!

A couple of things to show off, First a new book which may mean a new Quilt. I heard about a new book The Farmers Wife It was a Contest in the 1920's asking Farmers Wives if they would want there Daughter to Marry a Farmer. There are 111 6" blocks and pictures  to follow. The letters are great reading.

IMG_3569 It comes with a CD which has the template patterns on it.

IMG_3571 A picture of the quilt  from the book.

I'm thinking of using these fabrics for my quilt.


IMG_3568 They are 1930'3 Lil Darlings well thats what I will start with as there are lots of other 1930's I can add as I go.!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Whoops I'm late

Well better late than never, a quiet but busy week, a little sewing, Our guild had a sale day so I was trying to finish a few of the little zippered bags I make, and also tried a pattern for a little lunch sack come gift bag , they are quite cute and would make a nice gift with something in them.

IMG_3522 I also made another 2 or 3 sweet treats bags

IMG_3523 This one out of kaffe Fabric, still needs a button.!

IMG_3521 More Little Lunch Sack Gift bags .

Ive also been doing the binding on my Posh quilt, and I now have more Kaffe Fasset lights to make the Kaffe Quilt bigger.

Some of the other bags I forgot to take photos and now they have gone. I also did a couple of Jane blocks but no photos of them either ....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another week another Friday.!

Well I came home on Wednesday after 4 lovely days of fun, eating, laughing, talking and some stitching, with a group of 20 ladies at Coolum,I decided to start a new project even though we call it a      

UFO Retreat.  I took my collection Of Kaffe Fasset fabrics and made a Turning Twenty with a Twist Quilt well the rows are done but I have decided to make it bigger so had to wait for some morelight coloured fabrics, they came today so now I can finish it.IMG_3462 These are some of the fabricsIMG_3468 The blocks before I cut themIMG_3469 The rows laid out on the floor, I have decided to add another row to make it wider.IMG_3509 Out of some of the scraps came this little Sweet Treats Bag.

I also made a little zippered pocket drive or Nintendo bag but I haven't got a photo will add one tomorrow.  Also did some Jane blocks , and another Stable Bag that is waiting for it's Handle and cord.!

Also need to have a brag and flaunt of my little grandaughter who is now walking  and very cute .IMG_0356 Miss Talula, I have some more pics I'll add tomorrow as they are in the lap top.!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Late Friday Flaunt

  IMG_3450 Well its early Saturday morning and after a busy week am now relaxing at Coolum 20  Girls 5 days of stitching No cooking cleaning  or men allowed. Had a fantastic Baked Italian chicken and veges For dinner followed by orange and almond slice for me (gluten free.!)

This last week I finished a big baby bag, which the reipient was thrilled with and I did a matching bib. IMG_3447

I also quilted 2 quilts on the frame, the  first one belongs to a friend who gave it to me to practise on about 18 months ago.!! Well i did it for her as she is here at Coolum this weekend. She loved it IMG_3455 IMG_3456 Its a very pretty quilt a big Lap size

Tis one is for our caravan, made from Fran' From Tasmania's instructions . We made these tops at the last retreat her I still have to bind it and the decision last night to bind it in a dark Red.

IMG_3452 This is   about queen size  I love this fabric Chez Mois Posh by Moda. I will put it in the caravan.!

Its beautiful up here and we can see the Ocean and its a glorious morning. lets hope lots of sewing gets done.!

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