Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where did it go !

I spent ages this afternoon doing a Blog Post and it wouldn’t publish. Then  well it vanished gone .! So lets try again.

One of my thought for the new year was to start doing some Textile Art Quilting again. My Sewing Sisters group is going to have a Monthly Challenge with a different theme each Month. February is Bird’s of A Feather  Flock Together and we will be given a colour and technique to work with. So I have pulled out some of my arty stuff.IMG_0229

I bought myself the Derwent Watercolour Pencils Last year and have used them a few times. So today I drew these cherries and tried  some ink pens .  I like the pencils better.

I also started an Art Journal a week or so ago. this is my first Page.


I need to find a better quality watercolour Journal , these cheap ones don’t hold up to the amount of moisture in the paints.

I am going to get some fabrics ready for dyeing too.

I haven’t been sewing, apart from a quilt I tested a pattern on . It came out nice .IMG_0185This one was from Moda Odyssea Its much nicer in real life.

I’ll try and get it quilted this week.

I also have this one to do Which I am giving to a family of my daughters friend who lost everything in the recent floods.


This is queen size and was Moda Natures Chorus.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

IvĂ© just returned from a week or so away at our Property at Moore Park Beach which is 20 mins  from Bundaberg, we got in before the 2nd wave of major flooding that hit Bundaberg, Moore Park was cut off at Booyan road, which is the road we take .We managed to get through the other way but then couldn’t go anywhere for a couple of days . I have never seen so much water and it rose so fast .I only did a little hand stitching, lots of reading. 008009

This is Booyan Road . Later that afternoon the level was over the top of the flood level.

As I had no or little internet access I was Unable to thank Wendy F for my lovely SCSS present from Chooky Blues Secret Swap. Thanks Wndy for the lovely Table Topper Christmas Quilt in Blue and silver .077

This is the front The centre is all hand stitched blue work.


A close Up.


The back all pieced and pretty. Thanks again oh and also for the fat quarters too.!

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