Sunday, August 30, 2009

Better Late Than Never.

Ok I'm late but I'm not at home We are up at Moore Park beach where we have bought a 5 acre block of land for our retirement in a few years. anyway last weekend I did the best class ever with Helen Godden She called it Pablo meets Picaso, we had to draw  our picture a still life fom cards or magazine etc. drew it the size of a card then about A3 size  then drew this on to calico  We then used the Genis paints to paint it and added raw e4dge applique as well.IMG_3343

IMG_3342 These are my drawings........


IMG_3350 First part of paintingIMG_3354 After adding applique and painting the border, 'Ive started quilting and love how its looking...  Next week I should have more photos ..

Ive also been doing some challenge blocks  for my sewing sisters group, I have to have those finished by the 8th Sept  thats Monday's job.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Friday again.!!

Well another week has gone.! Iv'e been busy doing other stuff this week , but still managed a little stitching.

Iv'e been working on some Pieces from A Vikki Pignatelli class I did a couple of months ago, well this 1st one was from the class.IMG_3329 It's a technique that is an easy way of doing curves and you use a blind hem stitch to tack it all down.

IMG_3330 I really have  trouble with NOT being monochromatic. I love colour but I just seem to want everything to blend......IMG_3331 This one  I have a few more angles in now could I join these two together .????

I have also done a  Dear Jane block .


This One is Berry Basket..IMG_3332

Now this is a flaunt but not my work.!

Susan Moore from W A asked me for some Rose fabric scraps, for a siggy quilt she was making and suggested in return I send her some of my Dear Jane Back ground fabric and she would do me a few Dear Jane blocks , This is what I got back . They are just beautiful, Susan's work is just so lovely. Thank you again Susan. IMG_3335 The photos just do not do these justice .!  I think I now have 45 blocks finished.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Postman came this week.

When I checked my Post this week I found a Parcel. I wasn't expecting anything so Hmmm I wonder what it is ???? I opened the Parcel to find the most Lovely Shabby Chic Bag FOR ME.... A while back I entered a giveaway on Linda Bosworths Blog  for PAY IT FORWARD, which means She has sent me something really nice and now I will do the same ... so leave a comment on this post and after a week or so I will pick 3  people to pay it forward. This is the bag I got from LindaIMG_3320

  I Love the handles and the colours  Don't forget leave a comment and  you could be the lucky one to Pay It Forward.!

What I have done this week !!

Well my Friday flaunt is a little late due to the Migraine from hell yesterday.!

This week Sewing Sisters day was at My place so we went out into the sunshine and played with various sorts of dyes. What fun and we didn't have to worry about mess as I have a gravel drive way so that was good too. Here is a few photos of some of our efforts.IMG_3299 We tried dying felt with really good results.

IMG_3304 Variuos fabrics and colours curing.IMG_3312 Cram Jar with three colours

All in all it was interesting we used Procion and Genesis, dyes The Genesis was easy to use and not toxic. we got a big range of coulours from those little bottles. Really looking forward to a class I am doing with Helen Godden, Called Helen meets Pablo using still life  pictures etc  and Genesis colours etc.

Baby Bibbies !!

I also spent some time making some lovely  Quilted Baby Bibs, When My daughter was here a few weeks ago she didn't have any Bibs that covered her daughters,  nice outfits so I made one up. They look nice but are practical too.!New craft etc  Everyone loves them so I have made some more to put on our Guild sale day table. I just have to put those little snaps on them.

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