Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Computer = lots of time to set it Up.!

Well after a 2 week holiday in Melbourne, a great time At the golf to See Tiger Woods with 19,999 others, and not sewing a single stitch.! I’m home to a new computer……Vista  which is a bit different. (waiting for my windows 7 upgrade to come.). It has taken me most of this week and $110.00 to a techie to get everything to work. I could not download, turned out tobe a huge conflict with Norton’s so that is gone…. new anti virus now installed.!

So I will show you a few photo’s of our trip,

We travelled down with the caravan via Goondiwindi,  Dubbo,Shepparton,Where I met Up with Jan Mac and passed on a huge Box of donations and stuff from my sewing room cleanout for her charity and bushfire quilts.


This is a storm we met just over Cunningham’s Gap and not quite to Warick. We stopped it was so dark, by stopping for 15 mins we managed to miss the worst of it lots of Hail on the sides of the road when we did get going again.


After we left the storm behind it looked like a lovely sunset coming up.? It was only 4.00pm. We think it was smoke blocking out the sun, which just became a bright orange ball  in the sky.IMG_3667

You can see from this how high the sun still was in the sky.Sunset  after the storm

I love this one, I stopped to take this one the previous were taken from the car window.harvest time

The wheat fields were endless the colour amazing.IMG_3687

Not sure if you can see the massive Hay bales or rolls.Car and Caravan

Our home on wheels.!

Cows in Shepparton IMG_3690 

Jelly Bean and strawberry cows in Shepparton.

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Little Fishes
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