Friday, October 29, 2010

My Biggest Quilt Ever !!!

Bigger than Ben Hur ? Well not quite but 100"across by 88"long equals a lot of quilting.. My frame is only 10' across so I only just had enough room at the end to change the bobbin . I used 13 bobbins ! Its also only a 9 "throat, That's why I wound it on sideways.


Putting on the Borders.


Rolling the backing onto the frame.


Pinning the top to the rollers.IMG_0096

Quilting Finished !


Close up of quilting..... If you click on the photos you will get a closer look.

I have a bout 2 ft of binding left to sew down, I was lucky at Guild on Wednesday Karen and Sharron each took a side and helped me sew.  Thanks Girls. ! !       I just have to do a label and its ready to go into Our Sew Crazy Quilters Show at Helensvale next weekend, Yay another finish. !!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another week gone !

I didn't think I had achieved much this week, I had 2 days that were just taken up with taking my daughter to medical appointments, Don't you hate it when those appointments are made late morning, and then you wait and wait.......

I am in a swap On Quilting Bloggers. Its a candlemat swap, They give a tutorial and you make it then someone sends you one back ! I made 2 like this . IMG_0015

It's made from charm squares, I can't remember the name of these ones I've had them for a while, The packet was long gone. Tomorrow I will quilt it.


This is My Bedford Mystery quilt, I made the top earlier in the year, It was a charity fundraiser, you bought the kit  and followed the instructions, I've just put a border on it and am going to use it to practise doing a pantograph on my frame', Then it will be a tablecloth for the caravan.

I have almost finished my leaves from the Sue Spargo class. here are a few of them....

IMG_0016 IMG_0019 IMG_0020

I love doing these, and it has now led to a new project starting....


This will be a needle case, well 2 actually, I love working with the wool fabrics.


Three Candied hexagon blocks I managed at the Dr's rooms while waiting... amazing how many people wanted to see what I was doing ...... Thats about it for the last week.

Oh one more these are the buttons the girls made at the Squilters get together last Saturday.


They did a great job don't you think .?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Other Goings On

A friend asked me to Quit one of her quilts, I did this for her Just a meander all over it.IMG_0052

It's a very Pretty Shabby Chic Style This is it On the Frame .


After quilting.....


A close up of one of the blocks .

I was quite pleased with it when finished. So was she. ....

Last week I went to Adelaide for The AMQF  The Adelaide Machine Quilting Festival. There was a lovely Quilt Show, and several vendors with all sorts of Gadgets and fabrics and threads. My Machine is only a baby compared to what I saw there . I don't think I would ever get one of the really big ones but the Nolting Fun Quilter was nice and my next pick would be the Innova 18" or was it 22". 'so quiet and smooth and all that extra room to play in. A girl is allowed to dream isn't she ??  I did buy these .......


Yummy Signature and King Tut Quilting threads and some giant pins .  Now to pull out some of those tops and get them quilted.

After doing 4 lessons I have learned you don't need the stitch regulator and a computerised machine on the frame to  do some really nice quilting so watch this space as I am going to try a little more than just a meander.....:-))

So Busy Where Do I Start. !!

The last few weeks have been busy to say the least ... I have to show you some yummy wool fabrics and a gorgeous book I just couldn't resist.

Its Sue Spargo's latest book. This book is so nice with patterns for everything in it, great drawings and colour.

 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0060

These are the fabrics Just beautiful colours

IMG_0061 The crushed silk velvets Are beautiful.IMG_0062 IMG_0063

Another book was this one , Robin Run the Hedge.


I have found some buttons to cover so have played with those too.


Button covered with wool fabric embroidered  before putting the back on.

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