Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Long Time No See !!

Yes I have been missing in action, so many things to do , Lots of travel up and down to Our Land . Away On a 7 day quilting retreat….On and on it goes…..

Our 7 day quilting retreat was great great food, Good friends, and lots of fun, even managed to sew a bit .!IMG_0708

This was the Sun coming up the first morning.! What a view.


From the top Trish at the design wall

Our Sewing Area

Jeanette Planking on her wonderful 60th Birthday Quilt from Our Sewing Sisters Group Quilted By Lesley MacNamara. Beautiful.

IMG_0743_1Potato Bags IMG_0744_1Big Bag

IMG_0724Smaller ToteIMG_0725_1Leanne’s gorgeous quilt , Quilted by Me !

Things I like to Do

  • Quilt Sew Read Cooking Caravaning Travel

Little Fishes

Little Fishes
First Postcard