Saturday, January 24, 2009

What is this ????

Can anyone tell me what this is ?IMG_2120

Oh I remember It's a cutting table, I haven't seen it for a while......I spent the morning putting things away, tossing stuff that is just put on it because...folded down one of the flaps turned it sideways, put 3 of those 4 drawer plastic draw sets along the wall and can now get to the cutting table easier to the right of it is the quilt frame so it will be much easier to use it now.IMG_2121

There was still room to pack a couple of tubs, and my mailing envelopes and boxes underneath.

Should be much better.!

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Friday and the biscuit tin is empty so

I made my other halfs favourite slice .

Chocolate Fudge , Its a no bake recipie so nice and easy.

Take 125 gms butter              Icing Icing sugar spoon of butter

125 gms sugar                       2 Tblsp Cocoa a little boiling water to

2 tablespoons Cocoa                mix. Mix together spread on slice.

and melt together in a saucepan on the stove.

Crush one packet of plain sweet biscuits, pour melted mix over and combine, add one beaten egg, and press into slice tin lined with baking paper. Ice with chocolate icing and cut while warm, then place in fridge to set..

Enjoy!!IMG_2116 Before icing

IMG_2118 After Icing


Oh Where did all this fabric come  from, I think it must be breeding, from tiny little squares and  bigger pieces and lots of strips,where do you start.IMG_2094 This is just a fraction of it .IMG_2114 But wait there's more !!

IMG_2111 More Florals

Iv'e sorted into types and colours .IMG_2112 This lot is very bitty so will take to the Op Shop.

There is good fabric  in there but I am sure someone needs it more than me.!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Talk about Tricky

I did the BOW (block of the week) for the dear jane list that I am on.  This one is L 10 Nan's Naird's , Oh my gosh there are over 50 tiny little pieces in this one, I'ts not perfect but it will do, Took ages....and my trusty snips got a little use when I did it wrong.!!

IMG_2002 Now for an easy one !!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Jane Again.!

Here are another few Dear Jane blocks IMG_1995D 3 Jason's Jacks

IMG_1996B1 Batchelor's Buttons

IMG_1997   E9 Quilt Jail

IMG_1994 A 1 One Two Buckle My Shoe

Some of them take a little while to do, and I have been doing other projects too.! I have another couple I am appliqueing while watching T.V with himself of a night.!

And working in the Garden.......That's what happen's when you bring home 7 big boxes of plant's. I finished up a couple of Swap blocks this week,almost 3 months ahead of time, I know mine are soon to be on their way home to me, Butterflies applique in 1930's prints .

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Dear Jane Blocks

I have finally had time to sit down with the Dear Jane Software and figure out how to print blocks and patterns . I just made 2 blocks an easy one and a fairly fiddly  foundation pieced . I am so pleased I can do it.! IMG_1947 This one is  A6 Uncle Homer

IMG_1946 This is A4 Courtney's Stethoscope

I showed my Husband and told him how many blocks I had to make and he said "Can't you just buy them " !!!  Do I have to look at them all.?  Now to decide which one I'll do next !!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beach Holiday



This Is Moore Park Beach It's near Bundaberg in Queensland, We just spent 12 days there over Christmas in our new caravan. It is one of few parks that let you take dogs so Thats why we go there also friends from the 4x4 club go there every year too.IMG_1859 The CaravanIMG_1894 Fun On the sand  Blo Carts !  IMG_1858 The view from the Van.

IMG_1856Sophie Dog  Checking out the sandhills.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Sales and Holidays !!

Post Christmas Sales seem to be everywhere, Well I found a few Goodies today when I took Kyle To spend his birthday money At Westfield. He bought a huge Lego set. I found a Lovely notebook, fabric covered too, also a matching 12 part file and a document box. Now what is she going to keep up with,  the paper work, NO WAY.!!

I am going to use the book for my Dear Jane Journal, and the folder and the box for templates and FINISHED BLOCKS.!! Its very pretty and only cost $ 23.00 for the  3 items .!! So I hope to keep track of My Dear Jane Journey.

IMG_1939 Here are is the set of three.IMG_1941 Look the Journal even has coloured and lined pages .

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