Sunday, April 26, 2009


At least you can still sew when it's raining .!!

Ive shown my sister how to make these little zippered bags, I sew the zip in by hand but she managed to come up with a way to put it in by machine.IMG_2848 Susan made this one !

IMG_2849 Yellow and blue a nice combinationIMG_2850Pretty in Pink I think it's an Amy Butler.

The Bag on the left is a Hum Bug shape quite cute, I was sent a little one in a secret sister swap and worked out how to make it. Thanks Sue.!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello From NZ.

Hello I'm in New Zealand.!! Ohhhh its a bit colder here than at home.!

Am visiting My Mum , and My sister Susan is here too. Chris has gone to Hamilton to the  V8 Super cars. I have found a cute Patchwork shop right here in town.!

Woodlands 020 OOh Yumm Mum's yummy Cream Puffs ..!! Chris is getting spoiled Bacon and eggs for breakfast and this was dessert last night. I told him not to get used to it cause it won't happen at home.!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Carry Bag

My weekly group The Sewing Sisters Had a Bag Day Last week. Most of us started making this Lovely big zippered carry bag. I finished mine  today. The fabric is Barefoot Roses by Tanya Whelan for Grand Revival. Again it is the same range of the quilt I am doing, I just love it and its taken me a long time to actually cut into it.!

It's oh so Shabby Chic , My favourite colours and style.IMG_2737 The zipper I used is 22 inch so that will give you some idea of size Its a pattern by Cindy taylor - Oates Easy to make Totes with zippers.

IMG_2735 It Has a Pocket on the side and one on the end, I think the next one I will use a firmer wadding. A nice bag to take a quilt in, when you go off on retreat.


IMG_2693 These are the blocks from Zu Zu's Petals quilt , Just need to join them together and decide on the borders. It is supposed to have a row of the little half square triangle right around but I don't think i have enough of the fabrics to do that.  Will have to think about it.

Mum can you make me a ......

IMG_2727 My oldest Daughter came around on Sunday and asked for a Bag to put her Lap Top in. The one I gave her had no padding so she said why don't you make me a quilted thingy to cushion it I went to the sewing room an hour or so later this is what I came up with.IMG_2730 The Lap top slips in then it goes inside the bag.   I put a button and loop on to hold it closed. I also used double wadding.  It is made from scraps from the quilt I am making.  She thought I could just use a couple of the blocks cause they were already done. I don't think so.!!  Might have to make another one for me now. !

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