Saturday, August 8, 2009

What I have done this week !!

Well my Friday flaunt is a little late due to the Migraine from hell yesterday.!

This week Sewing Sisters day was at My place so we went out into the sunshine and played with various sorts of dyes. What fun and we didn't have to worry about mess as I have a gravel drive way so that was good too. Here is a few photos of some of our efforts.IMG_3299 We tried dying felt with really good results.

IMG_3304 Variuos fabrics and colours curing.IMG_3312 Cram Jar with three colours

All in all it was interesting we used Procion and Genesis, dyes The Genesis was easy to use and not toxic. we got a big range of coulours from those little bottles. Really looking forward to a class I am doing with Helen Godden, Called Helen meets Pablo using still life  pictures etc  and Genesis colours etc.

Baby Bibbies !!

I also spent some time making some lovely  Quilted Baby Bibs, When My daughter was here a few weeks ago she didn't have any Bibs that covered her daughters,  nice outfits so I made one up. They look nice but are practical too.!New craft etc  Everyone loves them so I have made some more to put on our Guild sale day table. I just have to put those little snaps on them.


cinzia said...

Practical but oh so gorgeous.
The dyeing looks good also... but definitely one hobby I won't go into again... there just isn't enough time for all of these great activities.

Marls said...

Those bibs are so delightful. Did you have a pattern or just 'whip them up'?

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