Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Flaunt.!!

Well this last week has gone very fast, but I do have something to show for it.  I finished a baby bag I started the week before. This is a nice big one made from Charm squares, the design is Funny Babies By Amy Bradley for Moda.

IMG_3284  I also quilted this quilt for Our weekly group the Sew Crazy Quilters, It is a good size Lap quilt, It doesn't have a binding yet, someone else will do that.IMG_3291  A close up of the quilting....IMG_3290

I also finished this quilt top I had done the centre already a slash my stash, from 4 fat 1/4's I t will make a nice baby quilt, Or floor play quilt.IMG_3295 IMG_3297 Baby  Quilt ,   ......

I also  went to my other weekly group Sewing Sisters and have started a quilt for Charity, Probablly the Leukemia Foundation from Birdie By Moda, Donateed by Linda from   Sharron and I got most of the rows done  from blocks made from a jelly roll and the layer cake. I'll see how far I get with it this week and put photos up next week. !


Julie said...

Love the bag and your quilting looks fabulous!

Sally Westcott said...

I'm exhusted! You have been so productive! I just love the quilt top!

Jane said...

love the bag

cinzia said...

what a variety of projects and fabrics.. and they all look great too.

Jane said...

Busy girl....I fear I do not have that output this week.

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