Friday, July 17, 2009

Project for the Friday Flaunters

Iv'e been quilting !  So I can flaunt it .!

Well after talking about it,  family visits and a bad dose of the flu, I finally got around to putting a quilt on the frame, I just did an all over meander, and it is surprising how nice it can look, This is a quilt from a weekly group I go to , IMG_3271 The Sew Crazy Quilter's We make several quilts a year that are donated to a women's  refuge, this is one of them. I never took a photo of it finished but here it is on the frame.

I did also start a Baby Bag a swap block was finished, and a couple of Dear Jane Blocks, I will post photos later.


cinzia said...

Oh how I envy you... anyone who can quilt those large quilts must be good.... and I can't see any puckers either.

Julie said...

Hello there PJ....long time no blog post! Wonderful to see you have a quilt on your frame, looking forward to your other update photographs.

Linda said...

Hey there Pam! You've been busy this week. What a cute purse. I think you're a pink lady, right? And a longarmer too? Thanks for sharing your work with us.

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