Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Postman came this week.

When I checked my Post this week I found a Parcel. I wasn't expecting anything so Hmmm I wonder what it is ???? I opened the Parcel to find the most Lovely Shabby Chic Bag FOR ME.... A while back I entered a giveaway on Linda Bosworths Blog  for PAY IT FORWARD, which means She has sent me something really nice and now I will do the same ... so leave a comment on this post and after a week or so I will pick 3  people to pay it forward. This is the bag I got from LindaIMG_3320

  I Love the handles and the colours  Don't forget leave a comment and  you could be the lucky one to Pay It Forward.!


Banaghaisge said...

I got one as well!!! Mine is dark sort of repro/country colours. Very lovely. Will put up a photo later today - am flat chat sorting out stash that has been in Outer Bungolia for a few years (cleared out my studio to paint it and then got sick so it took a while. Lovely treasures I had forgotten about tho!).
And thinking of what shall I do for my three people to Pay Forward???

Sue said...

Lovely bag, what a surprise to get in the mail. I'm enjoying all the Friday flaunts.

cinzia said...

WOW what a wonderful surprise. I love the idea of these Past it forward surprises and you can make some fun friends with it also.

Fran C said...

It's a lovely bag Pam, the handle are so serviceable and colours are cute and it's so nice to get stuff other than bills in the mail

Jeanette said...

Pick me! Pick me! I love the bag, you lucky duck a great suprise to receive. I have been making a few bags lately and the ladies in the groups down here call me the bag lady now.
It really looks like the Sewing Sisters enjoyed their day dying. Now for using them in a project.
Good to see you are back to posting on your blog too.

Lynda B said...

I am so happy to you like it Pam......good luck with your PIF, it is a lot of fun. I went to a show a few months back and set my stall up next to the girls from Foothills Fabric & Threads. Sandra said hey you are using the bag I made you for PIF....LOL. It is the perfect size for carrying my lunch!!

Al said...

It sounds like you are enjoying your lovely bag - that's half the pleasure of receiving such a great gift, isn't it!

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