Sunday, August 30, 2009

Better Late Than Never.

Ok I'm late but I'm not at home We are up at Moore Park beach where we have bought a 5 acre block of land for our retirement in a few years. anyway last weekend I did the best class ever with Helen Godden She called it Pablo meets Picaso, we had to draw  our picture a still life fom cards or magazine etc. drew it the size of a card then about A3 size  then drew this on to calico  We then used the Genis paints to paint it and added raw e4dge applique as well.IMG_3343

IMG_3342 These are my drawings........


IMG_3350 First part of paintingIMG_3354 After adding applique and painting the border, 'Ive started quilting and love how its looking...  Next week I should have more photos ..

Ive also been doing some challenge blocks  for my sewing sisters group, I have to have those finished by the 8th Sept  thats Monday's job.


cinzia said...

Sounds easy but I bet it was anything but. Love the look of it though.

Julie said...

Once again Pam you amaze me with how many different things you try, very brave indeed. Congratulations on the retirement property purchase!

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