Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Dear Jane.!! And Bush Fire Quilts !!

I have now done 21 Dear Jane Blocks, and am still enjoying it. As long as I do  1- 2 a week I am happy.

IMG_2454 IMG_2453 IMG_2459 IMG_2462 IMG_2458 Some of these were much harder than others, I think My applique is improving.

I've also been busy with making blocks for quilts for the Bushfire Appeal.

I showed the ladies in one of my groups how to do the quilt as you go blocks and they are starting to come back to me now.



IMG_2448 These are all the lovely quilt as you go Blocks . I'll post these off and then I'll have time to do the quilting on the top's.

IMG_2448 I will be posting off 2 big parcels tomorrow.

I have also had donations of fabrics for backings. Thanks Lisa (Megelles) and I have 1 quilt from Chris at Sew Crazy, and another from Gail McKenzie that I have to quilt and bind.

I also sewed up 20 blocks this afternoon from a bunch of I spy  blocks I have had in the cupboard for a while.


-girl from the bush said...

'GOSH THAT MEANS YOU ONLY GOT JUST OVER "100" TO DO.!!you better get stitching!!

-girl from the bush said...
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