Monday, March 9, 2009

Look what The Postman bought me !!

I  have had 2 nice parcels . A week or so ago I recieved a neat package from My Secret Pal, This is a swap on The Dear Jane list I am on. Every month for  a year our Pal sends us a package of goddies. I send one back to mine. I can't say where she is as she may read my blog.! This month I got these really nice D J FabricsIMG_2451

I told my Pal I didn't like Icky greens, so she sent me greens so I could see not all greens are Icky, I love them and have already made 2 blocks with them.!

IMG_2494 Today I recieved a package from Marianna B I sent Marianna a package of all the purples and pinks I started off my D J with, and now she has sent me back a wonderful package  of Pinks

IMG_2495 Reds and browns and a few purples

IMG_2498 Gorgeous Yellow's and orange to rusts....

IMG_2492 Some Cheater pieces, So cute, I will make a little bag with these.!


I love them all and can't wait to make  D J blocks with them .!! Thank you So much  Marianna.!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, you have enough fabrics for a long time now! Your secret pal spoiled you a lot. nice colors...indeed not icky. BTW what do you mean with icky? Very bright?
Happy sewing with these lovely colors! Post pics of your blocks aswell! Love to see them!
Hugs, Marianna

janice said...

The fabrics are great. You are so lucky! I, too, am making a DJ quilt. You have a fabric in the orange/yellow, rust group that I love. The one in the middle with dots and small white flowers. Does it have a selvage with the maker on it? I would love to try to order it if you have that information. TIA, Jan

PamelaJ said...

Hi Janice, Sorry I can'6t help you with the fabric, there is no selvedge on the piece. It is lovely.! Pam.

janice said...

Hi PamelaJ, I was able to find and purchase the fabric. It was just perfect for my Dear Jane A-2 block. I'm glad that Marianna gave it to you and that you posted pictures of it. The fabric is Lancaster County II Honey 50. Janice

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