Monday, February 16, 2009

The Baptisim

Well some of it anyway.! Photo's of the children after the baptism. We had  the Baptism and then had a lunch back at  our house, It was a great day.IMG_2225 Talula outside the church.

Baptism Dylan and TalulaHappy Snap'sTalula and Dylan Feb 20091 Cute as can be  !! Do you like the ribbon granma put in my hair.!!


Julie said...

Did you have to use blu-tac to make the bow stick? My Leah didn't get hair until she was almost two, so I can feel your pain!!!!!LOL

PamelaJ said...

Ha Ha .! actually it was a tiny piece of double sided tape lol.!! The smile makes up for the hair .!!

-girl from the bush said...

hey pam, you could always put a bit of spit and make a curl !! just like your mum probably did to you ah!

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