Thursday, August 23, 2012

Part 2……

On the second day of the class we were shown how to make a paper pattern of the figure we wanted to create from our painted canvas and our felt.IMG_1780

I decided to draw an owl shape , and also a figure similar to the ones Elizabeth does.


This is my owl and I have started to cut feathers from my felt.


This is my face I still have to layer with a backing and some wadding and more embellishment and stitching This was so much fun. I have already made a pattern to do a bird but will finish these ones first.


Another fun thing was to make a fat cigar from different coloured wool rovings  and then chop them into segments, They look like lollies almost good enough to eat !


This is one of Elizabeths finished figures, I just love them, very quirky…

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Julie said...

Unusual work Pammy! Quite lovely in it's own unique way too!

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