Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun Felting Workshop

Last weekend I was able to attend a Felting Workshop with Elizabeth Armstrong from Victoria, a group of us met at an amazing location At Kirra overlooking the ocean at the Southern end of the Gold Coast . The first day we painted Canvas that was to be used for our back ground of the figures we were to make.



I did these three, Nice and bright ! I used stamps and different items for texture.

We then made felt from the lovely coloured wool rovings  almost good enough to eat they  are so soft and the colours were gorgeous.


Rovings all laid out.


Some extra silk threads and rovings added for colour and texture.


Then add some olive oil soap  and water and the felting process begins , lots of rolling in bubble wrap and  even throwing the piece around  put it out in the sun to dry and you end up with a piece of felt fabric that was really hard to cut up But the project was to make our own pattern and make a figure .


I,ll blog a bout the rest tomorrow !

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