Friday, October 29, 2010

My Biggest Quilt Ever !!!

Bigger than Ben Hur ? Well not quite but 100"across by 88"long equals a lot of quilting.. My frame is only 10' across so I only just had enough room at the end to change the bobbin . I used 13 bobbins ! Its also only a 9 "throat, That's why I wound it on sideways.


Putting on the Borders.


Rolling the backing onto the frame.


Pinning the top to the rollers.IMG_0096

Quilting Finished !


Close up of quilting..... If you click on the photos you will get a closer look.

I have a bout 2 ft of binding left to sew down, I was lucky at Guild on Wednesday Karen and Sharron each took a side and helped me sew.  Thanks Girls. ! !       I just have to do a label and its ready to go into Our Sew Crazy Quilters Show at Helensvale next weekend, Yay another finish. !!


Linda said...

It's a beautiful quilt, and your all-over quilting design is very pretty. Nicely done!

Linda said...
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Julie said...

Beautiful Pam, your quilting looks great!

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