Friday, October 2, 2009

What I have bought this week.!

A couple of things to show off, First a new book which may mean a new Quilt. I heard about a new book The Farmers Wife It was a Contest in the 1920's asking Farmers Wives if they would want there Daughter to Marry a Farmer. There are 111 6" blocks and pictures  to follow. The letters are great reading.

IMG_3569 It comes with a CD which has the template patterns on it.

IMG_3571 A picture of the quilt  from the book.

I'm thinking of using these fabrics for my quilt.


IMG_3568 They are 1930'3 Lil Darlings well thats what I will start with as there are lots of other 1930's I can add as I go.!


jog said...

This stable bag is one of my favourites, I've made two for friends as well. Love STITCH, I miss my cockatel!

Marianna said...

Hi Pam, LOVE the FWS aswell and I am in the yahoo group also! Love you 30's fabrics for this one! I haven't gotten the book yet, but joined a BOM group at a LQS ghere in Holland. Hope to get my book half october! How does the CD work? Like an EQ project of so? Can't think of anything where you can print the patterns with otherwsie. Please explain! Hugs, Marianna

PamelaJ said...

Hi Marianna no the cd is not like E Q just pages with copies of the templates. I will take it to a friends or see if I can get My lap top to work with my printer. I am hopeless at working out block sizes etc.!!.;-))

Marianna said...

ok, thanks for explaining! That would mean you can't change the sizes of them. I just need to wait and see it for myself LOL! I am impatient thou! Hugs, Marianna

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