Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Friday Flaunt

This week I have finished a Stable Bag, this one is for a friend of my Daughters, Very Neutral colours but Has come out quite NiceIMG_3576IMG_3574 IMG_3575 Lots of Pockets and Heaps of room inside.

I also made some Glasses Cases out of My favourite Kaffe Fabrics



IMG_3559 Nice to keep your Sunnies and glasses from getting scratched in your Handbag

And then I was browsing some blogs as you do when I came across a pattern for a cute little pin cushion  so bought the pattern, It came yesterday so I have made one to try it out.!

IMG_3582 A little Apple, almost too cute to put pin's in !

The pattern came from  In W.A Nice easy to follow directions.!

I also did a swap block, No photo of that its gone in the post. And I'm still sewing a binding  on the Caravan quilt.!

And this is my new helper in the sewing room.

IMG_3545 This is Stitch.! he is now 7 weeks old, Iv'e had him for 2 weeks and he is still being spoon fed, so he is very tame, Not sure how I am supposed to get him to eat seed. He is picking at it but not much.!


cinzia said...

well although I am not fussed on your new helper that is the only thing I didn't like. The glass case looks good... is it simple?.. looks easy... any help on cutting sizes wouldn't go astray:)

Daphne said...

I like your stable bag - I made one a few years ago and have been too traumatised to try one since :-). Good luck with your little friend - we tried to raise one in the same way you are but sadly were not successful. Suggest you get advice if possible.

Jane or Ozjane said...

Lovely stable bag.....Love the colors.
Great work.

aubirdwoman said...

oh I love Stitch.
The bags are fabulous.

Julie said...

Hi Pam, seeing your little birdie made me cry, my little birdie died today! I didn't realize I was so attached to her.

Fran C said...

bag and bird are beautiful

craftapalooza said...

Nice job with the apple!! Would love it if you wanted to post it in our flickr group.

PamelaJ said...

Oh Julie, So sad you lost your Birdie, We do become attached, My last Birdie was a Canary I had for 3 years a friend lost him while looking after him for me.!

I will try to post the apple on Craftapalooza' flickr group.!

Chookyblue...... said...

Lovely bag............cute bird.......try mixing some seed in with the other feed..........

Daphne said...

How did your little bird go, Pam? I hope all has turned out well.

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