Friday, October 23, 2009

Flaunt for Friday

I haven't flaunted for the last 2 Friday's as what I have mostly been working on, Is a challenge quilt for my Sewing Sisters group so no pictures of that till after 8th Of Dec I still have a way to go.

Iv'e started a new quilt called the Farmers Wife and at this stage am doing block of the week with a yahoo group. so I have done 4 blocks. It is a sampler quilt and the blocks are 6.5 inch so a bit bigger than dear jane which I am still doing as well. IMG_3616 IMG_3618 IMG_3617 IMG_3586 These are the  four blocks I have done so far .

These are a couple of dear jane blocks I did

IMG_3610 And whats wrong with this picture

IMG_3614 Well Nothing really apart from the fact The fat cat Kimba is sitting in the box with my Dear jane Blocks. This cat weighs 6.5 Kg so its a tight fit. Naughty pussy cat.... cute tho.

Yesterday I went to Brisbane stitches and craft show , Lots of lovely eye candy and some amazing quilts in the Queensland Quilt show. I bought some things = Bali Jelly roll and fabric for a class we are doing with the Gold Coast Quilt Guild next Tuesday, also some new scissors, and a gorgeous pattern called Fancy Pants for Miss Talula.

This afternoon I made up the pants and will try and finish the Top that goes with them tomorrow, but I have to do house work this weekend YUK visitors  from New Zealand next week.!IMG_3619 How cute are these .! I made size 12 months , as I made a size one dress from the same company last year and it still dosn't fit her and she is 17 months..... but they look small. Oh well I may have to make some more.!  Fancy Pants is the name of the pattern.!


aubirdwoman said...

Well done, there will be a lot of chantelle when they are all finished :)
Cats are so funny they just have this instinct for anything quilty.
love the Fancy Pants.

Julie said...

I do hope your visitors don't read you blog and find you referring to them as "YUK"!!!LOL oh you meant the housework was YUK didn't you!!!LOL

Jenny said...

I've just googled the Farmers Wife quilt now I am going to be very strong and not order the book. It is beautiful

Lissa Jane said...

Oh my quality control officer squeezes into small places too.. last week it was a paper carry bag that barely fitted a pair of shoes in, let alone a fat fluffy devil..

You've had a busy week with the sewing.. my week? um not much happening on the sewing front!

Lissa Jane said...

Oh I forgot to say, I just signed up last week to do farmers wife with a shop in the US.. I love this quilt, mine will be done in civil war repros'..

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