Friday, January 9, 2009

More Dear Jane Blocks

I have finally had time to sit down with the Dear Jane Software and figure out how to print blocks and patterns . I just made 2 blocks an easy one and a fairly fiddly  foundation pieced . I am so pleased I can do it.! IMG_1947 This one is  A6 Uncle Homer

IMG_1946 This is A4 Courtney's Stethoscope

I showed my Husband and told him how many blocks I had to make and he said "Can't you just buy them " !!!  Do I have to look at them all.?  Now to decide which one I'll do next !!


Julie said...

Such a "Man" thing to say!!! Looking Good!

Ruthann said...

Excellent block, and I love your fabric choice! And your husband's comment, "Can't you just buy them?" is typical! LOL!

Ruthann (DJ List)

PJ said...

Good work! Your dh will understand once he sees all 169 blocks and 52 tri's stitched together and on the bed. It's pretty impressive.

Great blog.

Maggie A said...

Congratulations on your start. Hubbies are like that, aren't they!!!!

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