Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Jane Again.!

Here are another few Dear Jane blocks IMG_1995D 3 Jason's Jacks

IMG_1996B1 Batchelor's Buttons

IMG_1997   E9 Quilt Jail

IMG_1994 A 1 One Two Buckle My Shoe

Some of them take a little while to do, and I have been doing other projects too.! I have another couple I am appliqueing while watching T.V with himself of a night.!

And working in the Garden.......That's what happen's when you bring home 7 big boxes of plant's. I finished up a couple of Swap blocks this week,almost 3 months ahead of time, I know mine are soon to be on their way home to me, Butterflies applique in 1930's prints .


Julie said...

Looking good Pam! Keep up the great work!

Gabriele said...

Nice job on your Dear Jane blocks!
Those blocks are like chips, you can't just have one. lol
I'm working on L-10 today.

PamelaJ said...

Hi girls , thanks for your nice comments.!! Gabrielle I have L 1o drawn out and may not make the deadline but will keep doing it anyway.! Looks a bit fiddly tiny little pieces. !!

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