Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Sales and Holidays !!

Post Christmas Sales seem to be everywhere, Well I found a few Goodies today when I took Kyle To spend his birthday money At Westfield. He bought a huge Lego set. I found a Lovely notebook, fabric covered too, also a matching 12 part file and a document box. Now what is she going to keep up with,  the paper work, NO WAY.!!

I am going to use the book for my Dear Jane Journal, and the folder and the box for templates and FINISHED BLOCKS.!! Its very pretty and only cost $ 23.00 for the  3 items .!! So I hope to keep track of My Dear Jane Journey.

IMG_1939 Here are is the set of three.IMG_1941 Look the Journal even has coloured and lined pages .


Jeanette said...

You were brave, going to the Sales, good buy, great idea.

Linda said...

How can I get the pattern you had for those hilarious aprons in your December post! Gotta have one!

Julie said...

You are very well organized for DJ, although I suspect it could be a form of procrastination!!!!!LOL

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