Sunday, May 16, 2010

My New Sewing Table

I had been complaining about the finish on my Sewing table for a while, and my D H said he would make me a new one, so after some measuring and telling him what I wanted I waited and waited, then he said It was finished and what sort of legs did I want. I decided to visit Ikea and bought adjustable legs for a table I already had, then I could just add another unit to  the one from  that for the new table top to sit on.


To the right is the table I have made high enough to cut on, with the adjustable legs.


This is my beautiful new sewing, quilting  table, lots of room on the left for a quilt and room on the right for pins, scissors etc


This is the underneath part that holds the machine up so it is flat in the table.   I can't believe how great it is , I have used it too, I'm almost scared to in case I scratch it !   if you click on these pictures you will get a closer look. !

I also received On Friday my May Secret Pal D j Pressie The cutest little Mary Engelbreit Pin Cushion, a lovely fat 1/4  and a nifty little snap and store a bit like a glasses case but you can put your scissors etc in to it when doing classes, so thanks Secret Pal. !


So cute, I am getting quite a collection of Pin Cushions now.  Maybe another blog entry there . !


Anonymous said...

They are great legs, I have them for my cutting table in my quilting room.


cinzia said...

well all in all it must be said the wait was worth it.. great table

石白DenniseMonca黃 said...

Happy to day !!.................................................................

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