Friday, May 7, 2010

More Candied Hexagons


I took these with me To New Zealand and am really pleased with how they are turning out, these are just placedtogether, I have stitched each hexagon,  I started using Bottom Line thread, It is very fine and strong It has made a big difference In my stitching, I am loving the colours and found a few more fabrics on a shopping trip to Sew Co  the other day. I gave my sewing room a clean today as I am getting a nice new sewing table ,  made by my Husband It should be nice and slippery for quilting . It has 3 coats of high gloss varnish, He has made it so the machine will be set down as a flat bed and it is longer on the left hand side so plenty of room to take the weight of a quilt. I do most of my quilts on a frame but still like to do arty stuff and smaller quilts sitting at the machine, I can't wait for it to be finished , so pictures next time .!


I have  done about 5 of these since i got home, I mostly only do them at night, They are quite addictive.....


Jo said...

if you want to make the surface really slippery go buy some silcone spray. Spray that on the surface of the table and it will make things really glide. The factory that made blinds did this to make it easier to push 3m blinds through the sewing machine.
Spotlight should sell it I would think.

Julie said...

Lovin' the Candied Hexies, they look fabulous!

Jodie said...

Hi Pam,

Absolutely LOVE your candied hexagons. Your use of colour is a bit unusual and rather gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...


Linda said...

Love your colors! And welcome to the world of the Candied Hexagon quilt. I'm hand-piecing mine too, and just need to add triangle-shaped sections to the four outside edges to complete the quilt center. Then, I go shopping for the perfect border print. Fun stuff. You enjoy too.

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