Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Flaunt.!

Well this week Iv'e been shopping, and stitching,  I made this little bag from a Moda Aviary sweet roll, Like a jelly roll but only 1.5 inch wide, I have enough for 3 more of these from the same roll.It's quite clever as the outside becomes the inside so it's all nice and neat, a nice makeup bag, or sewing kit, or... what ever you want.!IMG_3441 

Ive also spent a couple of days working on some challenge blocks for My Sewing Sister's group. We meet once a week and often have projects we all do, this one we were given a swatch of fabric and we had to use the red colour and as many of the other colours as we chose to do 10 blocks all of contrary wife, now we all get one from each other and have to have a quilt completed by December, It is amazing how different everyones blocks are.

IMG_3437 These are my blocks . Next week after I get the others back I'll show you a photo of them all.


cinzia said...

What a cute bag.. your second image however didn't show up

aubirdwoman said...

I'm stunned... well done with everything for the past few posts.

Dee Soden said...

Like the little purse, but LOVE the sewing machine in the background!

Banaghaisge said...

The bag looks gorgeous! Can we please see a pic of the inside - your 'the outside becomes the inside' comment is most intriguing.
Your contrary wives are lovely - can't wait for end product there...

Julie said...

Beautiful fabrics, such pretty florals too. Looking forward to seeing how the block swap turns out.

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