Monday, January 7, 2013

Scatterdays W

I've taken on a photo challenge of scatterdays where we post a photo in 4 different categories

Expensive, Musical,

Exciting,   W I P,  for the letter W


Water at the Beach just down the road.

New Bernina

Expensive and Exciting  Opening my New Bernina on My 60th Birthday


Music for a little Ballet girl in her fist concert.


W I P work in Progress a block from my Green Tea and Sweet Beans Quilt…

See you next Scatterdays !


Joy V said...

Love your photos Pamela. Now onto the next letter 'R'. Can't wait to see your postings then.

Ozjane said...

Good on you Pam ....after all Scatterdays indicates a scatter brain to me.....LOL.

cinzia said...

Love your water shot..there have been some real beautiful locations for water this Scatterday

aubirdwoman said...

love the photos. I found it difficult but maybe next round will be easier.

Linda H. said...

Very nice. I love that Bernina! Is it a new 830? What a wonderful birthday gift. I turn 60 in March. S'pose I'll get something that nice?!

Vireya said...

Somehow I missed adding you to my Scatterdays list. Glad I found you in time for the next letter.

That machine does look exciting!

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