Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boxes Galore

Well to say I am tired of playing with boxes would be an understatement, Already the new house seems to have all we need but there is still a lot more to go north. My stitching is  only happening at night  or at my sewing days so progress is slow.IMG_0298IMG_0299_1IMG_0300_1

These are some more blocks from my Green Tea and Sweet beans Quilt  . Most Of the blocks I am appliqueing on papers . I finished the flower block today at Sewing. 

We cleaned out the walk in wardrobe  OMG  did we have a lot of stuff in there. It wasn’t just clothes but also used as storage too. Now I have a line of boxes along the wall of things we are taking to Moore Park IMG_0303_1

I have a couple of other things I have been working on but can’t show them here yet as they are for swaps i am in soon.  The weather has been really crazy 35 yesterday and down to 22 today and windy as but we really do need some rain the poor garden is drying up..

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