Saturday, April 2, 2011

It’s been a while !!!

I have been missing in action for a few weeks . First a few family issues  10 days at Moore Park Beach with my daughter, Then no Internet or phone for 2 weeks …. needless to say I suffered a few withdrawls . I’ve been stitching I have now done 2 of my Sue Spargo B O M’s  and am well on the way with Number 3 IMG_0474

This is number 3 partly stitched down. coulours are not really true either.

I also went to Sydney for a very special Baby Shower My Eldest daughter Donated eggs to her best friend  and she is having twins after many attempts on the IVF program so sometime in May I will be a Fairy Grandmother  so exciting  I am making quilts and bibs  photo’s soon. These following photos are from the red and white theme the girls put together for the baby shower.IMG_0354

The Candy Bar !


Red Velvet And Chocolate Cup Cakes.


Little Boxes of Jelly Babies for the guests to take home .


My Daughters  Hayley and Selena .

I’ll hunt out some photos of other stuff I have done tomorrow .!


Heather said...

Great update. Thanks for sharing the pic of your daughters.

Shiree said...

Hi Pam,
I am a fellow Spargo BOM'er, nice to see your progress, I have up to block 3 but not started yet, trying tp get a few other projects done n dusted first!!
Looks like a great baby shower..

jen said...

It all looks great Pam. Don't forget you have been doing some quilting for OTHER people as well!

PatchWorkPrincess said...

Thanks girls for your lovely comments Yes Jen I have been busy !and it will get worse before it gets better too much to do so little time. !

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