Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stitch, Stitch Rip It…. Rip It…

The weeks that were ….. This time of the year is insane  so much to do so little time….. Christmas parties, family come home, Christmas shopping….. and of course all that last minute stitching and seam ripping.. What was I thinking I put my name down for a Christmas spool block swap late in November, all I can say is thank goodness there were only 9 of us ! so I only had to make 18  blocks,….Everything that could go wrong did ! I confused the spool block with a bowtie block so cut them wrong…. Then every now and then I kept sewing the wrong colour to the wrong bit …. They looked ok at the end even if I did cut way to many out. !IMG_0017IMG_0018

Nice Christmas Spools All posted off to the USA and Belgium..

I have also been busy putting a heart quilt together for our Local Sewing group The Sew Crazy Quilters for one of the ladies who has cancer and is having treatment. The hearts are all Purple or Pink so I added pinks and purples and have quilted it. It looked good. I have now passed it another member who will do the binding.


This is it before quilting, I’ll get another photo next week when it is all finished


My Little Princess, Check out the accessories !!


Just before our Photo with Santa.


Max Brenner for a Birthday Boy’s  Chocolate Treat.

Its so much fun to do all this with the Grandies They were over in W A for the previous 2 years .!

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Heather said...

Love the outfits for the santa photos. Our kids were always in thick bulky sweaters and I'd be standing off to the side almost falling over holding the snow suits, mitts and scarves.

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