Sunday, August 15, 2010

The week that Was .....

What a busy week, Last Monday I was able to do a 2 day class through The Gold Coast Quilters Guild with Sue Spargo,

We were given our kits only 9 days before the class and told  we had to do homework.! We had to applique 56 yes,  56 leaf shapes onto a piece of hand dyed wool fabric The leaves were cut from various fabrics wool, cotton, silk velvet,  etc I spent the weekend before class getting them onto the fabricIMG_0006

We then learnt how to layer other fabrics onto the leaves and then were shown how to do various embroidery stitches and beading to embellish. It was a fun 2 days and I have kept doing more at home, eventually it will be quilted and become a wall hanging.


These are Sue's Leaves on her completed  quilt. Melissa, also showed us some felting techniques and showed us how to make a cute covered button. After the last class some of us went out to dinner with Sue and Melissa.  I can't wait to get the new book by Sue .

Yesterday I went to the Brisbane Squilters Monthly Get to Together at The Quilters and Embroiders Store in Salisbury, After a little retail therapy, I just had to buy some perle threads and some Aurifil Lana wool threads for the leaves.  We had a tutorial By Julie D on how to back baste applique.  A very nifty way to applique. Will have to practise that.

I bought this fabric as a group I go to are doing a Classic Burgoyne Quilt and of course nothing I had was suitable, I am about 3 weeks behind most that have already started.  I bought this fabric, On sale too 40% off.  I wasn't sure but I have just completed the 1st block and I think it  it looks  pretty good .

IMG_0045 Its a nice rich red colour.

With this I am using a vanilla Emma Louise  quilters muslin.


All these little bits to put back together, I have several options of how many blocks to make as to what size this quilt will end up..... I'll put a pic up of the block tomorrow.


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