Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easy Baby Quilt

Well I have discovered how hard it is to sew with a little one underfoot, Miss Talula has been keeping me on my toes.While she has an afternoon sleep as tempting as it has been to join her I have snealed into my sewing room and managed to complete this cute baby quilt, very simple just a panel and Iv,e added some borders some simple quilting and a cheater binding (machined on and its finished.!IMG_0386 - Copy

remember if you click on the photo you will get a closer look.

I also managed to do another block for the  Moose On the Porch Jelly Roll sampler.

IMG_0382 - Copy

And here is  The Weetbix Kid !     Miss Talula  Sits up and eats 2 or more every  morning.!

IMG_0381 - Copy

Feeds herself , you are not allowed to help, eats everything we do,which makes it easy,  Sleeps from 7.15 till 7.00am most nights shes really very good.!

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