Friday, February 19, 2010

It’s Friday Again

Well I missed the last couple of fridays, I haven’t been doing a lot of stitching, but just today have started to sew. I bought the new Farmers Wife CD used with E Q 6 so have loaded it and managed to print some block are 2 I did todayIMG_0316 IMG_0317

I love the 1930’s fabrics in these blocks.

Ivé also started doing some 1”hexagons

IMG_0294 - Copy (2)

I’m just going to use any shade of pink and see what grows from it. Its good to have something I can take with me when travelling etc.

IMG_0318 - Copy

These are a few pink fat 1/4s to cut hexagons from only $2.50 each too. Who could resist.

I also bought a few fabrics this week some of which included these.

IMG_0320 - Copy - Copy (2)

I loved this Bright cot quilt panel and will just put this multi coloured bright border on.

So watch this space next week and we may have a completed quilt !


Heather said...

good week i would say. In the final photo with the blues, that border fabric looks like the same one that my daughter chose to border a lap quilt that i made for her. It had lots of colours, so we used it as the basis for chosing all the other fabrics.

cinzia said...

Love your fabric choices, particularly for the Farmer's Wife. I agree that fabric will make a lovely border

Anonymous said...


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