Sunday, April 26, 2009


At least you can still sew when it's raining .!!

Ive shown my sister how to make these little zippered bags, I sew the zip in by hand but she managed to come up with a way to put it in by machine.IMG_2848 Susan made this one !

IMG_2849 Yellow and blue a nice combinationIMG_2850Pretty in Pink I think it's an Amy Butler.

The Bag on the left is a Hum Bug shape quite cute, I was sent a little one in a secret sister swap and worked out how to make it. Thanks Sue.!


Lynda B said...

Hi Pam,

Do you remember signing up for a Pay It Forward with me a long long time ago???? I am getting close to being able to send my gifts, but have lost EVERYTHING including your address details when my laptop developed a fatal disc error. Would you mind popping over to my blog and emailing me with the details again.



Anonymous said...

Hi Pam......wonderful bags you have been sewing lately! And the retreat was real fun I can see! How did you sis manage to sew a zipper in this little bag? Can you explain it to me please as I was planning on making me myself such a baggy for my sewing things to take to my bee every 2 weeks. Thanks in advance! I love you fabric choices! Really very shabby chic! Hugs, Marianna

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to some awesome patterns for bags. When you have problems with the german language email me and I'll help you out! Enjoy looking around at that's real fun for bag lovers! Hugs, Marianna

Sarah said...

Hey! Love those bags - the Amy Butler one is my fav!
x Sarah

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