Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Stable Bag

I had to make another Stable Bag This one will be used for a Baby Thing's Bag. The Girls love them because they fit so much into them and it's still easy to find what you Need. One more to make now for Caitlin, My 13 yr old neice, who is living withj me for a few months. I bought some fabric I thought she would like, she looked at it then said Oh it's pretty .....BUT and walked into the Sewing Room and said I like this better and picked out some pretty Loralie fabrics in Pinks and Chocolate Brown, so I will make it out of those.


Julie said...

I'm with Caitlin, those fabrics are yummy! Love the bag!

Lindi said...

Love the bag and the fabrics!
So, where do you buy the pattern?

On my Verandah.. said...

HI Pam..saw you on Sue Daley's Blog thought I'd pop in & say Hi...I am ex-gold coaster..was there for over 4yrs...still have family & friends there & visit often...

Jackie said...

Pam, I luv this bag. I've checked out some of the Melbourne stores, but unable to locate. How can I get a copy?

Loretta said...

This bag is really cute. Where did you get the pattern? Would love to make one.

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